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Four Roses Bourbon

  • Redesigned bottle for namesake Bourbon to align with Four Roses Small Batch and Single Barrel products Four Roses Distillery announced the launch of a new bottle design for Four Roses Bourbon, the brand’s namesake offering. ​ ​ The renewed packaging was designed to maintain consistency, in color and style, with the brand’s other signature products – […]

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  • Four Roses will continue bottling its Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon this Fall and according to the company, they have mingled together a very special batch this year to say goodbye to their tenured Master Distiller Jim Rutledge.    After 49 years with the company Rutledge recently announced he was retiring and August 28th will

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  • Top 20 Bourbons Around $30

    By Justin Thompson, Editor in Chief OK. So I get asked all the time, “What’s your favorite Bourbon”, and my answer is usually one of two responses. Response A: “What Bourbon are you buying me” or Response B: “That’s like asking a mother with 100 kids who her favorite child is.” But after thinking about it for a while,

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